Finity Inc.

Design, Photography, Video Production, and Creative Solutions

Starting in 2014, I was a foundational part of the companies creative department. It was a rewarding experience being an integral part of the companies strategic development including: design (internally and for clients), photography of over 400 products (for print and web), layout and print production, prepress operation, video production for healthcare clients, and UX design for web portals.

I was the first designer in the newly established creative department (2014). Working directly with the productions department, we helped shape the companies growth from one client to now six clients across the US. In that time, Finity has become a nationally recognized healthy rewards solution for Medicaid and Medicare.

Healthy products motivate members to think about their health and take action. MCOs use the program as a tool to maximize their preventative care programs and keep members from going to expensive emergency room visits.

Client Catalog cover – brand elements removed

Rewards Catalog

The healthy rewards program provides members of Major Care Organizations (MCOs) with incentives to complete healthy activities. Members earn points and spend these on catalog items. As an example, a member can earn points and receive a Philips Sonicare toothbrush by going to their annual dental checkup.

The catalog provides a wide range of healthy products:

  • Athletics
  • Baby
  • Children’s Activities
  • Education & Creativity
  • Essential Items
  • Kitchen & Nutrition
  • Movement & Fitness
  • Outdoors
  • Personal Care

Member Testimonial Videos

Finity was asked to produce marketing videos to show the effectiveness of the rewards program. A small video production team went to three separate client locations to film members sharing their personal experiences of the healthy rewards program.

I took on various roles in order to make each production unique and successful including: securing locations for filming, producing storyboards and animatics, procuring rental equipment, scouting and filming b-roll, script editing for the member testimonials, lighting, sound recording, main camera operator, and editing the final videos using After Effects and Premiere.

The video below is only a clip from one of the film productions. In compliance with HIPAA and to protect the privacy of the client and their members: all brand elements, animated title graphics, Members testimonial statements, and client specific details were removed.

2018 – Testimonial Video

This is a short clip from a clients 2018 testimonial video.
The video includes: an opening sequence and a closing sequence.

Sleep Learning Activity

Welcome to the Sleep Learning Activity!

This is a work in-progress piece, the outcome of this project is the creation of an online learning center for members. Once the design and development are completed these learning activities will be available to healthcare members through the client web portals.

I introduced an illustrated fox character into the design to behave as a playful coach, helping to lead the member through each chapter of the activity. The goal of the experience is to encourage members to learn more about their health.

Finity’s Four E’s

This poster was a design I created to showcase the companies Four E’s:

  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Empower
  • Evolve

With the goal of reaching Excellence, this poster is a tool to visually communicate Finity’s core values.