Float Conference

Technical Director

For the last seven years, I have worked as the Technical Director for the Float Conference, held in Portland. This role required an incredible amount of preparation and passion to accomplish the yearly industry event. From understanding the larger vision to paying close attention to the smallest detail, the events success is a measure of that focus.

The Float Conference began in 2012 and is the world’s largest float industry event. It includes speaking engagements and workshops from the leading experts on float tanks from around the world.

Together with the owners of Float On, Ashkahn Jahromi and Graham Talley, and a small group of very talented people we have developed an international float industry event. The conference is a central location for float center owners, manufacturers, researchers, suppliers, and those interested in joining the float industry.

The conference had a simple goal: to foster growth in the float community by literally bringing everyone together.
To gain some insight of what has progressed over the last seven years…
Watch this video!

From the nascent beginnings in 2012 up to the prescient 2018 conference, the stage production plays a significant part in the realization of this unique experience. It takes careful planning and organizational orchestration to pull off. A lot of thoughtful and technical steps are involved from: preplanning two days worth of speakers, to stage building, tech runs for the live audience experience, and video production, all these thoughtful elements give life to this event.

The audience and speakers have an equally engaging space to experience this unique and salty industry, each year.

Float Conference 2018 stage rendering.

Featured Speaker, Tom Fine on stage at Float Conference 2018.

Float Conference 2017 stage rendering.

Stage, Float Conference 2017.

Float Conference 2016 stage rendering.

Stage, Float Conference 2016.

For the presentations during the show, there is a variety of speaker related preparation needed including: powerpoint testing, stage lighting, run throughs with speakers on stage, adjusting lavalier microphones, generally making sure everyone knows what’s happening, and there are two-to-three failsafes for everything.

With all of that going on, one of my favorite unsung heroes is the trusty bumper graphic. This four-second clip (visually) introduces the speaker by name and gives a little liveliness to their entrance.

Placeholder  |  bumper graphic, 2018

Glenn & Lee Perry  |  bumper graphic, 2018

2018 event photographer: Ian Westmorland