PDX Contemporary Ballet

Technical Director

The Artistic Director, Briley Neugebauer, asked me to join the company as the Technical Director and Lighting Designer for their second season. In that time we have produced seven performances over the last three years, with two upcoming shows this year (2019).

A collection of choreographers have co-produced shows with the dance company, visiting Portland from locations ranging from Boston to Brazil. The success of the company is notable, especially with the last performance in the 2017-2018 season, Compose.

A grant offering allowed the dance company a special collaboration: a live music composition performed during the show by Northwest Piano Trio. The music for the performance was composed by Clarice Assad along with a featured piece “Swing Shift” by Portland composer Kenji Bunch. Clarice Assad worked her magic into the composition by incorporating an aquaphone and ocean drum that were played by the dancers during the performance.

Compose showcased the fusion of dance, music, and choreography with the companies aspiration in mind: to change the norm.

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